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Indicative pricing structure for our doors & hardware

BarnDoor Track/Wheel/Hanger combination

Basic kit comprises:

  • 50×10 or 60×10 track with standoffs set at 400mm centres
  • Standard standoffs (suitable for a 38mm door with a 10mm architrave)
  • Plastic Tee guide
  • Single straight flat hanger with 65mm or 80mm wheel
  • Bolts and fixings and stops to suit

1800 long – $575 + gst

2400 long – $625 + gst

Over 2400 long- all track solutions are bespoke and priced according to the specific job.

Max track length is 4500mm and longer lengths will have a joiner provided. The length is a practical constraint taking into account handling and processing.

Soft-Close Function

  • 60mm x 10mm Rail
  • Modified standoff to allow for soft-close unit
  • Track comes already assembled with soft-close added

$80+GST added to track price for each soft-close unit

Bottom Guide

Standard – Plastic Tee guide – suitable for doors up to 900 wide (Included in pricing)

Aluminium Tee guide – suitable for doors up to 1100 wide (included in pricing)

BRIO inverted bearing guide (with “u” shaped channel in bottom of door) . We recommend this for all doors over 1100 wide – (add $110 for doors up to 1500 wide)

Concealing the bottom guide can be a really nice visual feature. This can be achieved where the overlap of the door (against wall or architrave) can be greater than 60mm. Talk to our consultants about this option if this feature is important to you.

BarnDoors – Exterior Application

All exterior tracks and hangers are customised to your application and location.

Material options include:

  • Zinc
  • Zinc/Powder-coated
  • SS 304 Mill finish 50*10
  • SS 316 Mill finish 50*10
  • SS/Powder-coated

Each exterior project is priced on application

BarnDoors – Heavy Duty (150kgs)

Customised track to suit application, powder coated.

All tracks are priced individually before manufacture. Indicative price for Cafe illustrated.

4m track + 2 wheels – $1,800 + gst

BarnDoors – Basic Door

  • 38mm door, ex-superior door
  • Paint quality MDF
  • Polycore with route pattern
  • Extra styles to allow wheel hanger mounting

Up to 2,400 high x 1,200 wide – $200 to $450 + GST

(door only – add track as required)

BarnDoors – Paint Quality MDF Overlay.

(Refer NZ Farming Towns Series).

  • 44mm door (one side overlay)
  • 50mm door (two side overlay)
  • Polycore route with Paint Quality MDF strip overlay
  • MDF strips overlaid one or two sides
  • Extra internal styles to allow wheel hanger mounting

Up to 2,400 high x 1,200 wide – $400 to $1200* + gst
(price dependent on complexity of pattern overlay)

Up to 2,400 high x 2,400 wide (2 leaves joined) – $600 – $1500* + gst
(price dependent on complexity of pattern overlay)

*Final price will need confirmation when details are known.


We use reputable freight companies for transport and sometimes product will be transferred between carriers where NI-SI interchange is required or a rural delivery is needed.

We provide free freight NI for tracks up to 2400 long and SI for tracks up to 1800 long.

Free freight applies to track sets sent in Cardboard tubes and does not include doors.


BarnDoors – Track Finishes

We can customise the tracks systems for different finishes or powder coated colours other than black (Dulux Powder coat). Please contact us to discuss if you have a request for different colours or finishes.

*** Please note there will be incremental costs involved for polishing or galvanising Zinc or Steel options
*** Please note that we can achieve a zinc plating on small items, but not the track exceeding 1800mm (we may need to supply two tracks with a joiner if your length exceeds 1800mm)

Images below show galvanised zinc rail and the imperfections and variability that is expected with galvanising – giving a very ‘rustic’ appearance (click on image to get a larger view)



Contact us for design advice and quotation for any project.


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